Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Review: Zombies: a Record of the Year of Infection

'Dr. Robert Twombly' (Don Roff), illus. Chris Lane, Chronicle Books, 2009

'This illustrated journal was discovered in the aftermath of the worldwide necrotic infection that began on or around January 7, 2012 and lasted for approximately one year, killing more than 5 billion people... The fate and whereabouts of the author remain unknown...'

Illustrated throughout in ink and watercolour, and written in longhand, Zombies indeed has the feel of the real-life journal it purports to be. The tale is a simple and familiar one, of Twombly's trek across an America devastated by a zombie apocalypse, penned in 'amateur' fashion (visible edits made on the page, with words or sentences scratched out), which brings an unsettling realism to the work. The illustrations are often stark and rough (although, cleverly, those completed in 'safe havens' are always far more polished), again giving the impression of 'sketches' made from memory or on the fly.

While not necessarily adding anything new to the zompocalyptic subgenre, Zombies is very much a worthwhile addition to any zombophile's collection, and as likely to appeal as much to fans of zombie art or comics as fans of zomfic.

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