Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Review: Zombies for Zombies

David P. Murphy, Sourcebooks Inc., 2009

So you've been bitten by a zombie. Bummer. But there's no need to panic. Yes, your life will be undergoing a major transformation, but this doesn't have to be the end-all it once was when the Disaster first hit...

Following a recent unfortunate incident - widely reported - in which Australian horror writer Robert Hood was viciously mauled by zombies, I immediately rushed out to buy myself a copy of Zombies for Zombies, a publication that serves both as a motivational- and a 'life'-skills guide to those making the often painful and confusing transition from life to undeath; chiefly because Rob knows where I live, but also because this handy tome - completely coincidentally set out in the style of (and even visually resembling) the famed Dummies' Guide series - is the guide you want by your side when those weird brain-cravings start to hit.

Among the many aspects of zombie existence covered extensively in this publication are:

* How to dress for your new lifestyle.

* Fitness ideas for keeping you somewhat energetic.

* New skin-care regimes to help ward off that 'rotten flesh' look.

* How to overcome that damned zombie social stigma. And;

* Sex.

You'll also find a wealth of information that may, confusingly, appear at first to be little more than a vast mass of infomercial and product placement, but which is, in fact, Highly Useful Brand Information aimed exclusively at Undead Consumers. Honestly.

Any reviewer mistaking this guide for a work of fiction would no doubt comment upon the 'fact' that the author has managed to inject a genuine sense of unease into this publication, due largely to some deft world-building that goes well beyond the 'same old' established by previous 'apocalyptic' zombie fiction and cinema, as well as via increasingly-common and heavily-veiled 'suggestions', as one progresses through the guide, that all is not as sunny as one might believe in this 'fictional' world. Fortunately, of course, this book is non-fiction, so we can completely discount any comments by the author regarding 'communication failures' at an increasing number of Containment Facilities. Ha-ha-ha. Ahem. Nothing to see here.

Zombies for Zombies is a damn good read (and none of its myriad sponsors have paid me to say that), so run out and buy a copy while you can still run.

Must go. Doorbell. That'll be Rob...

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