Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Review: Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter

A. E. Moorat, Hodder, 2009

London, 1838: Young Victoria has ascended to the throne, and - in a not-altogether unrelated turn-of-events - has just been made aware that not only do the forces of supernatural evil actually exist, they may also be plotting to assassinate her. Fortunately, there are people specifically employed to protect the monarch from such threats as succubi, werewolves and zombies; unfortunately, all the Protektors at Victoria's disposal may not be sufficient a force to keep the gates of Hell itself closed...

In a nutshell, Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter is a great romp, with dollops of swashbuckling action, genuinely unsettling horror, and character-driven comedy (think Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next), all mashed up together in a fast-paced and engrossing alternate/secret history adventure.

If you're starting to get a little sick of all the second-rate horror/historical/classic literature mash-ups doing the rounds at present, take heart from the fact that there are still some first-rate examples hitting the bookshops; Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter is definitely one such to check out.

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