Monday, March 12, 2012

NecroScope Closes

It is with great regret that we announce the official closure of NecroScope: the Australian Zombie Review Blog.
Unfortunately, of late, the various personal commitments of the staff and management of NecroScope have precluded the regular updating of the site, despite the constant (and ever-increasing) influx of zombie-related product. For this reason, we feel it only fair to declare the site altogether closed rather than keep our faithful readers 'hanging on' in the hope of seeing further reviews posted here. That said, the existing site will remain online as an archival document; we hope it may continue to guide newcomers to the zombie genre towards worthy titles.

For those keen to stay updated on all things zombie, there are several excellent Australian sites we can recommend: Undead Studies is a scholarly site exploring 'zombies, culture and changing societal anxieties', and includes excellent media and literary reviews. Thirteen O'Clock: Australian Dark Fiction News & Reviews is an excellent new blog providing opinion, reviews, news and essays pertaining to Australian horror in general (with occasional forays into zombie-dom a certainty), thus filling the void left by NecroScope's much-missed parent blog, HorrorScope. Both blogs are recommended as must-visit sites for those serious about genre matters.

It's also worth mentioning that NecroScope's Keeper of the Dead, Chuck McKenzie, has recently opened a specialist SF, fantasy and horror bookstore in Chelsea, Victoria. Notions Unlimited Bookshop, as you might expect, carries more than its fair share of dark fiction and zombie-related titles, and local NecroScope readers are invited to visit in order to catch up on the latest publications.

Finally: the staff and management of NecroScope would like to thank all who contributed to this blog over the past couple of years: guest posters, authors, film-makers, fellow undead enthusiasts, and - of course - our readers. The zombie genre is one that continues to expand, evolve and enthrall, shambling further and further into the mainstream, and generating an ever-growing horde of followers as it does, and it's been a genuine pleasure for us to chart, and - in some small way - contribute to this process.

Until we meet again, keep the infection alive, and enjoy the Apocalypse!