Mission Statement

While we at NecroScope aim to review as many zombie-related products as possible, our primary commitment is to zombie fiction, and our Mission Statement in this regard is quite simple: we will review only the very best zomfic available.

In other words, we will not waste our time (or that of our readers) reviewing the lower end of the zomfic market; gore for gore's sake, stereotypical characters, tired retreads of Romero territory. Rather, we will seek out and review only zomfic that features strong and original plotting, engrossing characterisation, and well-written prose and dialogue. In short, we look for the sort of zomfic that stands proud as fiction in general, regardless of the zombie factor.

Thus, if you don't find it reviewed on NecroScope, then either:
a) we haven't read it yet, or;
b)  the publication in question didn't live up to our standards.