Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Review: Zombie Holocaust:How the Living Dead Devoured Pop Culture

How the Living Dead Devoured Pop Culture

David Flint, 2009, Cromwell Press

Zombie Holocaust is an illustrated history of the living dead and their fluctuating and evolving importance (and periodic reinvention) in western culture. With chapters devoted to movies, TV, literature, comics, games, toys, music and the Internet, plus sidetracks into 'almost-zombie' territory (mummies, revenants and pod people), this book provides an engrossing and comfortably-readable insight (due in no small part to the author's easy humour and often unique personal takes on various 'sacred cows' of the genre) into how and why the zombie has so effectively infiltrated modern pop culture.

Although the current and continual flood of zombie-related products will undoubtedly necessitate an updated edition of this book sooner rather than later, Zombie Holocaust is a volume that all self-respecting zombophiles should have on their bookshelf.

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