Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Review: Zombie Movies: the Ultimate Guide

Glenn Kay, Chicago Review Press, 2008

Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide is a fun little tome for any zombie enthusiast. While ‘ultimate’ may not be quite on the mark (there have been several similar publications in the recent past that offer a little more substance overall), at least the description of ‘guide’ is accurate; a fairly casual dip into the sub-genre, with emphasis on fun rather than serious discussion. The guide gives good general synopses and reviews for most of the chronologically-listed movies, and is certainly up-to-date, the final major review being for George A. Romero’s Diary of the Dead, released earlier in 2008. Also included are a number of interviews with ‘names’ from the world of zombie flicks, lists for Highest-Grossing and Greatest-Ever movies, and – intriguingly – a list of ‘Zombieless Zombie Movies’, plus a forward by Stuart Gordon.

The author consistently personalises the content with humorous comments and asides, as well as observations drawn from his own experiences as a ‘zombie movie extra’, all of which – for me - added to the enjoyment (although those preferring more serious discussion may find the authorial input intrusive). Definitely worth buying to complement, if not replace, your existing zombie movie references.

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