Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Review: The Resurrection Game

Mike Watt, 2002, Writers Club Press

The Zombie Apocalypse has been and gone, and the walking dead are now considered a social irritant on par with cockroach infestations or panhandlers. The Government claims they’re harmless, but tell that to burned-out PI Jim Campbell, who hasn’t really cared about anything since zombies ate his wife. Then Jim receives a million-dollar offer from a major horror author to find a cure for The Infestation, and soon finds himself neck-deep in a deadly conspiracy to ‘utilise’ the undead for various unpleasant purposes.

Okay, so this publication’s an oldie, but – thankfully – a goodie. The writing is competent, the characters engaging, and the plot – while not completely hole-free – certainly adds some novel twists and turns to the standard zombie fiction template. I was intrigued to discover that this novel was actually adapted from the screenplay of a low-budget movie of the same name, and immediately went and hunted down the production online. My advice: stick to the book. The Resurrection Game is a superior zomfic offering, and well worth reading.

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