Submission Guidelines

While primarily a review site for zombie fiction specifically, NecroScope will review almost all material or products in which zombies feature prominently (see list below). We do not review material concerning related supernatural creatures such as ghosts, vampires, or council workers. We may review material in which zombies are relegated to peripheral roles (as in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, or Charlie Huston's Joe Pitt books), but please query first.

What is a Zombie?
Zombies - which may also be referred to as revenants, the living dead, or the walking dead - are typically depicted as either reanimated human corpses, or living human beings either placed under the control of another by use of magic or reduced to a mindless, animalistic state by sickness. For more information, an excellent overview of the varieties and origins of zombies may be found on Wikipedia.

We review:
Books (fiction & non-fiction)
Audio / Podcasts
Films (preview or in-season passes)
Toys & Collectibles
Comics & graphic novels.
Theatre & live performances (query first).

We do not review:
Self-published or vanity press material (Australian authors may query).
PDF versions of overseas printed books (hard copy books only).

It should be noted that we also expect submissions of fiction to reach certain standards of quality (see our Mission Statement for more information). If you don't feel that your publication meets these standards, definitely query before sending.

Book Submission Format
We accept books in their native format (print books should be supplied in hard copy). Australian small presses or e-book publishers may query if they have an electronic version available, but due to the volume of books received, please be aware that we are less likely to review electronic material.

Prizes & Giveaways
We are always happy to receive material for the purposes of promotional giveaways to our readers, but please query first.

Send your review material to:
Chuck McKenzie (Keeper of the Dead)
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Send your queries or media releases to: