Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Review: The Zombie Handbook

Rob Sacchetto, Scribo Australia, 2009

Following recent disclosure that Mel Gibson uses a lotion derived from (potentially MCD-infected) cow brains, it seems timely to draw public attention to Rob Sacchetto's landmark guide to surviving the coming zombie apocalypse. Covering essential topics such as the varying varieties of various zombies (viral, voodoo, alien-controlled, govt. created, etc), zombie diet and lifestyle, and survival tips, Rob Sacchetto's tome is illustrated throughout by illustrator Rob Sachetto, whose incredibly gory yet useful illustrations illustrate this book.

The Zombie Handbook is already standard reading, along with Max Brooks' The Zombie Survival Guide, in most standard Australian retirement homes and Centrelink offices, and will without a doubt undoubtedly become compulsary reading in all households once the first reports of 'infection' hit the airwaves. Believe me, once you're bitten, you'll be glad of a reference that tells you exactly what's happening to your rapidly-decomposing body.

Buy it. Go on, I'll just wait here.

Oh, and it has four words by Jonathan Maberry. So. Y'know. Credibility.

Sorry - foreword.

This has been a Government Public Service Announcement (reported via Chuck McKenzie).

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