Monday, February 7, 2011

Review: Zombies For Zombies: The Play & Werk Buk

David P. Murphy, 2010, Sourcebooks

Just when you thought brains couldn't get any more appealing, Z4Z: The Play & Werk Buk gives you, the recently turned zombie, a range of new ways to maintain your sentience and minimise your inclination to moan and shuffle. Packed with games, puzzles, stories, quizzes and other ways to embrace and improve your new zombie life, this book is a great inactivity guide for the whole morgue...

There's not much that can be said about The Play & Werk Buk that isn't covered in the blurb above. Basically, it's an activity book for zombies (taking cues from Murphy's previous darkly satirical publication, Zombies for Zombies), and, as such, is as irreverent, funny, grotesque, and downright disturbing* as one might expect. The Play & Werk Buk is an enjoyable and funny read, and a worthy addition to the range of 'novelty' zombie publications currently on the market.

* Perhaps the most disturbing thing about The Play & Werk Buk is that - according to Mrs NecroKeeper, who is currently completing her teaching degree (hey, the undead are entitled to an education, too!) - the majority of the book's content has genuine educational applications for primary-age kids.

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