Monday, November 1, 2010

Review: Zombiewood Weekly

Rob Sacchetto, 2010, Ulysses Press

'Justin Timberlake: Hot Corpse Couture!'
'Britney Spears: Brit Snacks on Fans!'
'Lindsay Lohan: Career Rises from the grave!'

Hot on the heels of his brilliant Zombie Handbook comes Rob Sacchetto's Zombiewood Weekly: The Celebrity Dead Exposed, an amusing little exercise in satirical gore. Presented as an issue of a gossip mag, ZW is packed full of 'zombified' celebrity portraiture - from Elvis, to George W. Bush, to O.J. Simpson - complete with news snippets (penned by co-contributor Jeremy Wash), and even advertisements aimed at an undead readership. Sacchetto's ability to produce clearly-identifiable likenesses of famous faces, even through layers of advanced decay, is uncanny, and has deservedly earned him a character role in Jonathan Maberry's latest zombie novel, Rot & Ruin.

ZW is a fun publication certain to appeal to that section of zombie fandom who enjoy their zomcoms and zombie walks. And gossip mags.

(ZW is distributed in Australia by Scribo).

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