Monday, August 15, 2011

Music: Pray For Daylight

Yet more music for the zompocalypse! Pray For Daylight is a folk album that explores the global zombie uprising, love, loss, and other grisly stuff. Chris Kiehne, the artist responsible, says of his work:
'I’ve always felt that the particular element of zombie films that elevates the sub-genre is that first moment of transfiguration, where a character ceases to be him/herself and commences being something other. It’s a really profound moment, insofar as it represents the simultaneous presence of polar opposites, which is otherwise a practical impossibility. You’re standing there, watching your wife rise up from a pile of dirt, and she is right then two opposing things: she is both her and not her, alive and dead. It’s a debilitating situation and demands really devastating moral decisions. It requires Helen to murder her daughter, Shaun to murder his mother, Francesco Dellamorte to murder his fated lover.  I guess in a way it’s sort of an allegorical examination of a diseased relationship, too. But it’s mostly just about zombies.'
Pray For Daylight is currently available for free download, no strings attached, via mediafire.

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