Monday, May 16, 2011

Review: Zombies: The Recent Dead

Ed. Paula Guran, 2010, Prime Books

Zombies: The Recent Dead is a reprint anthology comprising twenty-three 'new millennial' zombie stories by many current heavyweights of the zombie and horror genres. While a number of the tales may now be overly-familiar to zombie obsessives like myself, due to their inclusion in numerous recent anthologies, editor Guran has done a wonderful job of casting the net wide and including a range of lesser-known, though still quite excellent pieces of short fiction. From modern classics such as Neil Gaiman's 'Bitter Grounds', Scott Edelman's 'The Last Supper' and David J. Schow's 'Obsequy', to rarer gems such as Tim Lebbon's 'Naming of Parts', Alice Sola Kim's 'Beautiful White Bodies', and Gary McMahon's 'Dead to the World', there's truly something here for every reader.

Zombies: The Recent Dead is a must-read for zomfans, and a terrific addition to the genre. 

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Thanks, Chuck! Appreciate the review :-)