Monday, May 9, 2011

Review: Dead Snow

Dir. Tommy Wirkola, 2009 (DVD release 2010, Madman)

Eight medical students heading off to a boozed-up weekend in an isolated Norwegian cabin find themselves under attack by frozen Nazi zombies intent upon recovering stolen gold - which has been conveniently hidden under the cabin. Using only their wits and a stash of surprisingly-lethal ski equipment, the students must fight to escape and to stay alive.

It may astound the couple of you who follow my reviews (Hi Mum!), but I don't actually watch many zombie movies, and this is because I (rather foolishly) have the same expectations of zombie movies as I do of zombie novels; they have to be good. Good plot, good characters, and so on. Which means, of course, that I don't watch many zombie movies, and actually enjoy fewer still.

How amazed was I, therefore, to find Dead Snow one of the most enjoyable zombie flicks I've seen in recent times? Extremely. Because, even in comparison to other B-grade horror movies, the plot makes about as much sense as a dancing can of Spam. Normally I'd expand upon that last comment at great length - but I won't, because I do actually want you to go and watch this movie. Why? Because the whole thing is played so tongue-in-cheek and over-the-top (knowing references to - and cliches from - famous horror flicks are peppered throughout), with excesses in gore and WTF? moments that would leave Peter Jackson green with envy, that even a po-faced stick-in-the-mud like myself was able to completely overlook the shortcomings and thoroughly enjoy the ride, laughing all the way. Ho, ho, ho.

So. Watch it. Love it. It's just plain Fun. And the special effects and (as far as I can tell, for all that I don't speak a word of Norwegian) the acting are pretty decent.

(Originally posted to HorrorScope, 2010)

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