Monday, April 18, 2011

Review: Z is for Zombie: An Illustrated Guide to the End of the World

Adam-Troy Castro, illus. Johnny Atomic, 2011, HarperCollins

A is for Apocalypse,
B is for Buried,
C is for Cannibalistic...

Well, you get the idea. Z is for Zombie is an extremely fun read that plots the entire course of the zompocalypse from, well, A to Z, with each entry followed by a detailed explanation (delivered tongue-firmly-in-rotting-cheek) of the applicable word or phrase, and bleakly illustrated in suitably gory colour.

O is for Omigod Omigod Oh Jesus Get it Off Me Get it Off Get it...Aaaarrrrgggh

See? Fun and informative, if not necessarily inspiring. My personal favourite?

J is for Just a Few Random Survivors: [...] it would be genuinely convenient if the folks you found yourself trapped with were an elite and heavily armed paramilitary force [...] But random choice dictates that you will spend your last days fighting alongside a mobile phone salesman, a zither player, a sommelier, and a guy who knows the world is ending but still can't talk about anything but his favourite episode of Star Trek. Try not to be bitter. They're probably just as upset to be stuck with you.

Z is for Zombie is a great addition to any zombie survivalist's bookshelf; hey, when the end comes, at least you'll go out chuckling...

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