Tuesday, March 1, 2011

News: Dymocks Southland Bestselling Zombie Titles for Feb 2011

February was a slow month for zombie fiction (no pun intended), although - as always - key titles moved strongly throughout the month.

1. Pride & Prejudice & Zombies - Austen / Graeme-Smith
2. The Proper Care and Feeding of Zombies - Mac Montandon
3. The Walking Dead Compendium #1 - Robert Kirkman
4. The Walking Dead Book #1 - Robert Kirkman
5. Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion
6. World War Z - Max Brooks
7. Marvel Zombies: Dead Days - Robert Kirkman
8. Generation Dead (series) - Daniel Waters
9. Night of the Living Trekkies - Anderson / Stall
10. Zombies: Encounters With the Hungry Dead - ed. John Skipp

New arrivals include Apocalypse of the Dead (Joe McKinney) and Hungry for Your Love (ed. Lori Perkins), with the next few months promising a bumper crop of zombie goodness, including new works from Mira Grant and Jonathan Maberry, the long-awaited local release of S. G. Browne's Breathers (hurrah!), and Madman Entertainment and Hachette picking up local distribution rights to The Walking Dead and Marvel Zombies graphic novels, respectively. 

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