Monday, January 24, 2011

Fiction: Arizona Afterwards

In the fine tradition of bestselling authors such as David Wellington and David Moody, who rose to prominence through posting their zombie fiction free online, Australian-based author Christopher Green currently has a full-length zombie novel underway over at 

Arizona Afterwards is a novel of survival. Of love and pain and struggle. And zombies. Four chapters have been posted thus far, with a new chapter posted every weekend throughout 2011, completely free of charge to readers. Zomfic fans who wish to reimburse Christopher for his excellent work, however, may do so via the on-site Paypal Donation button.

Christopher, whose award-winning short fiction has been published in Dreaming Again, Edge of Propinquity, Midnight Echo and Aurealis (among others), also maintains a writing blog at, and NecroScope recommends that you take the time to check out Christopher's wider body of work.

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