Tuesday, November 16, 2010

News: What's Coming Up at NecroScope

Hi there, Shamblers! Greetings from NecroScope's Keeper of the Dead!

For the information of all you zomlit fans who have visited us - and continue to visit us - since NecroScope's official disinternment just four short months ago, there's likely to be something of a lull in our review schedule over the next month or so, due to the recent addition of a brand new li'l flesheater to the Keeper's own corpse collective.

Fear not, though: NecroScope will continue to bring you all manner of good things in the lead-up to Christmas - our output will merely switch (temporararily) from Fast Zombie pace to Slow Zombie pace. Stick with us, though, and in no time at all we'll be back to our usual speedy selves.

So, in the meantime, what can NecroScope Shamblers look forward to?

* Upcoming reviews for Amelia Beamer's The Loving Dead, Bob Fingerman's Pariah, and Joe Schrieber's Star Wars: Death Troopers, among others.

* Your chance to win a pack of zombie-related goodies, just by signing up as a NecroScope Shambler (if you're not one already) and entering our Christmas draw.

* An exclusive, original short story - to be published here on Christmas Eve - by Australia's own award-winning zombiemeister, Jason Fischer!

Plus all the usual news and views. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. NecroScope: temporarily slower, but no less dangerous...

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