Monday, October 4, 2010

News: Dymocks Southland Bestselling Zombie Titles for September 2010

1. Feed - Mira Grant
2. The Zombie Survival Guide - Max Brooks
3. Pride & Prejudice & Zombies - Austen / Graeme-Smith
4. 'Monster' series - David Wellington 
5. The Art of Zombie Warfare - Scott Kenemore
6. Ex-Heroes - Peter Clines
7. The Walking Dead (Book #1) - Robert Kirkman
8. Cell - Stephen King
9. Patient Zero - Jonathan Maberry
10. The Zombie Combat Manual - Roger Ma

New zed-flavoured arrivals for the start of October include Night of the Living Trekkies (Kevin David Anderson), Valley of the Dead (Kim Paffenroth), Married With Zombies (Jesse Petersen), The Dead (Charlie Higson), and Shakespeare Undead (Lori Handeland).  


Sarah G said...

Can you save one of each of those for me? Ill be in after the 15th when i get paid again (I bought 8 books today to keep me entertained for another week!) Also, Thanks for my copy of Feed! Loved it! Glad your leaving your cards in books. Im going to watch this page intently.
Sarah, Apocalyptic Specialist.

chuckmck said...

Hey Sarah! Nice to see you here. Will do.