Saturday, September 18, 2010

News: Subscription Competition Closes!

The inaugural NecroScope subscription drive competition has now officially closed! Congratulations to our lucky winner, Angelique Davis (aka Vampires and Tofu), whose fantastic prize-pack will be shortly packed into an airtight biohazard receptacle and dispatched to the US on an overbooked commercial passenger ship. Nothing can possibly go worng...

Commiserations to all our subscribers who didn't win - but don't lose heart (or whatever). NecroScope will continue to dole out the goodies in the months ahead, so be sure to stick with us for ongoing zombie-related goodness, and be sure to tell your friends, family, lovers and enemies to sign up also, for more chances to win great prizes!

Upcoming competitions may* include:

- Win a copy of Kirkman's The Walking Dead #1, to coincide with the Halloween screening of AMC's upcoming TV adaptation.

- Choose a cool zombie tattoo design for NecroScope's own Keeper of the Dead!

- Retro Review Month: correctly guess the first 'retro' zombie title to be reviewed!

- Attack of the Zombie Shorts! Send us your zombie flash-fiction (500 words max.) for a chance to win a copy of Writers' Workshop of Horror.

And many more to come. Or not (see disclaimer below). Keep visiting for further updates!

* Disclaimer: Or may not. Many of these concepts seemed like good ideas after a few glasses of red and a tasty brain, but in the cold light of day...

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