Saturday, August 7, 2010

News: Zombie Article Garners Award Nomination

The fandom-based Australian Science Fiction Awards, commonly referred to as the Ditmar Awards, recognise excellence in SF, Fantasy and Horror by Australians. Each year, the Australian National SF Convention presents the Ditmar Awards for the previous calendar year.

This year's Ditmars will be presented at Aussiecon4 (the 68th World Science Fiction Convention). Included among the shortlisted nominees is NecroScope's own Keeper of the Dead, Chuck McKenzie, with one nomination for Best Fan Writer for his reviews on our parent site HorrorScope, and one for the William Atheling Jr Award for Criticism for his article 'The Dead Walk!...Into A Bookshop Near You', published in Brimstone Press' Eye of Fire ezine.

As this article examines in depth the recent and ongoing boom in zombie literature, we present a link to the ezine for our readers.

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