Sunday, August 22, 2010

Review: Rec 2

Rec 2 follows straight on from where Rec ended, with the apartment building under heavily armed quarantine and no apparent survivors inside. I watched Rec in anticipation of this sequel and it was a seemles transition to Rec 2, making the 4 hours of viewing extremely enjoyable.

The movie starts with another armed team ready to escort a specialist "doctor" inside to obtain samples of the infected blood. The team are not long in the building before they encounter the infected and the body count starts again.

There are also other new victims in the apartment when a firefighter helps one of the occupants spouses in through an underground tunnel, closely followed by a trio of clueless teenagers.

Filmed in the same format as Rec, we see the action through the live camera's of the teenagers and swat team. This style is widely used now, but the original ones like Rec, really mastered the format.

If you enjoyed Rec then you will love this sequel, even though there is a completely new cast and twist to the plot not far along.

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